FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


ODACE est LA joaillerie nouvelle génération qui ose, sublime et bouscule les codes. Notre ambition : créer une joaillerie désirable, moderne et engagée qui s’inscrit dans l’ère du temps.La récente découverte du diamant de synthèse dans un laboratoire de la Silicon Valley est notre raison d’être. C’est un réel bouleversement et progrès social et environnemental dans l’industrie joaillière. 
Chez ODACE, nous utilisons exclusivement des diamants cultivés en laboratoire et de l’or recyclé 18K. Tous nos bijoux sont personnalisables et 100% made in France. Pour mieux nous connaître, découvrez « Our story ».

Our mission is to give a new meaning to jewelry while engraving it in the era of time - a modern era, focused on ethical work practices and a bright future for our planet. Determined, we contribute to creating this bright and sustainable future. 

All of our diamonds are created in a laboratory. No mines, no conflict and no extraction. We know exactly where our diamonds are coming from and in what conditions they were created. All of our jewelry as well as our jewelry boxes are hand-crafted in french workshops. We ensure that each person involved in the creation of our jewelry works in a healthy and fair atmosphere. 

In order to preserve the environment we use 18K recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds that are man-made. No holes in the ground, no deforestation or toxic waste, and no river and groundwater pollution. 

We choose to work with local companies, mainly French, to enrich our heritage and art trades, all while significantly reducing our carbon footprint. 

To understand our undertakings and raison d’etre even better, click on “Our values

ODACE is proud to offer only 100% made in France jewelry. Each piece is created in a french jewelry atelier by artisan experts.

The ODACE jewelry boxes are handmade in our french workshop located in the Yvelines department. In order to reduce as much as possible our environmental impact, we use FSC certified recycled cardboard and paper.

ODACE does not have sales due to the fact that all year round the most appropriate prices are proposed without excessive margins.

You can contact us by email at hello@odace.co or by mail at 6 rue d’Armaillé, 75017 Paris. To see the contact form, click on “Contacting us”.

Yes ! We can plan a video call with you. It’s a perfect way to have a first discussion about a made-to-measure proposal or to discover our jewelry with a 3D view. You can send us your request for a video call appointment through the contact form or by email at hello@odace.co. After that, we will send you back a confirmation and all the information regarding the appointment very quickly.

Lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold

ODACE chooses to make its jewelry solely with lab-grown diamonds from laboratories and 18K recycled gold. This way we can guarantee the traceability of our resources and participate towards a bright and sustainable future. 

Pure gold (24K) is too soft to be used to make jewelry. It would bend too quickly with the smallest impact or clumsy movement. The solution is to allow pure gold to alloy with other metals. 18K gold is composed of 75% pure gold with a 25% mixture of silver and copper (and sometimes palladium) in varying quantities depending on the color desired (yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold). 

18K gold is one of the most prestigious alloys, ideally used in the jewelry industry for its many advantages such as allowing gold to be strong and resilient without having to jeopardize its stainless and non-allergenic properties. 18K gold jewelry lasts a lifetime because it does not oxidize (even with water) and is corrosion-resistant. It is hallmarked with an eagle's head.

We based ourselves off of a fact : according to the World Gold Council, humankind has already extracted almost 80% of the total amount of gold available. In addition, gold mining leaves permanent damage on the earth and surrounding populations. The use of cyanide and mercury (extremely toxic materials) contaminates soils and groundwater. Not to mention the fact that gold mining requires a huge amount of water.

On an ethical level, labor conditions in the mining industry, exposure to toxic fumes, and smuggling are alarming and upsetting situations that unfortunately continue to exist. However, since we are rather optimistic and that we prefer to see the glass half full instead of half empty, we consider ourselves lucky that gold is indestructible and that it has the ability to be recycled over and over again.

Thus, ODACE chooses to recycle instead of extract. Our recycled COC-certified gold comes from old jewelry and electrical components. This process allows us to give a new life to the newfound gold by melting and molding it into our 18K gold jewelry. The jewelry is just as desirable as it is ethical and responsible.

Diamond mining does not line up with ODACE values. The lab-grown diamond is an innovative solution in response to the abuses in the diamond industry : natural resource depletion, human exploitation, pollution, conflict diamonds, and smuggling.

ODACE works towards a more ethical and accountable future. The man-made diamond is proof that the jewelry industry can become more ethical and accountable thanks to technological advances all while keeping its artisanal craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. This fascinating step forward gives a new momentum to the jewelry industry and thus it enrolls itself in the current era.

To learn more about this diamond of the future, click on “The lab-grown diamond”.

The lab-grown diamond has exactly the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as a mine extracted diamond. A gemologist, with his naked eye, with a magnifying glass or even with a microscope can not tell the difference. It’s a diamond. 

The only difference : their origin. One comes from mines and the other is cutilvated by humans. The outcome of technological advances and scientific discoveries, the man-made diamond is now the only diamond that is completely traceable and designed in the respect of earth and humankind.

To understand the synthetic diamond better, click on “The lab-grown diamond”.

Thanks to progress in the technological field, you can now buy yourself a diamond all while leaving our earth intact. Indeed, by reproducing the same earthly conditions needed to form a diamond in the laboratory ; pure carbon put under high pressure and an high temperature ; we are able to create real diamonds, identical to those extracted from mines, but with a reduced impact on the environment and human beings. 

To know more about how the diamond is formed, click on “The lab-grown diamond”.

ODACE chooses its laboratory partners based on precise criteria : excellence, environmental sustainability, and fair labor practices. 

Even though laboratories are technological experts, cultivating a diamond remains difficult. The production capacities around the world are quite limited. That is why we vary our partnerships and turn towards multiple laboratories located in the United States and in Asia. 

Our lab-grown diamonds are carbon neutral certified, which means that the energy consumed to produce our diamonds is limited as much as possible and is offset by financing projects on carbon capture.

ODACE offers only the best of the best, the highest possible quality for the diamond. Our criteria is strict, we select only D, E, or F colored diamonds that have a clarity grade equal or superior to VS2. 

To know more about the criteria related to the quality of the diamond, click on “The lab-grown diamond”.

All of our diamonds superior to 0,5 carat are certified by the best known gemological institutes : IGI, GIA or HRD. The jewels that have a diamond superior to 0,5 carat come with an official certificate. It’s a kind of identity card that confirms its uniqueness, weight, color, size and purity.

For now we exclusively work with diamonds because only the diamond can be identically created in a laboratory- with the same physical, chemical and visual properties. Considering their complex chemical formula, it remains particularly difficult to identically create colored gemstones in a laboratory. If technology evolves and allows us to obtain physically, chemically and visually identical colored gemstones to those extracted from the earth, then we will be more than happy to offer them. For now we focus on the diamond, a fascinating gem that shines just like a rainbow and that will continue to keep us dreaming.

Care, sizes and customization

For all bespoke service request, click on BOOK AN APPOINTMENT on the header and fill the form. You can also write us through our contact page, or at hello@odace.co or call us at +33 6 81 34 87 07 in order to organize a meeting (visio or face-to-face). We will then be able to discuss your project and we guarantee to do our best to design your dream jewel.

Vous pouvez télécharger notre guide des tailles sur le lien « Size Chart ».Assurez-vous de l’imprimer à l’échelle 1 :1.Vous n’avez plus qu’à déposer une bague à votre taille sur le cercle qui lui correspond. 
If you want to adjust the size of a ring, contact us by email at hello@odace.co. Make sure to mention your order number and information relating to the adjustment wanted. We will plan the return and send back a new size but, we do not cover the shipping fee. We invite you to download the “Size chart” in order to make sure you order the right size.

The length of each necklace and bracelet is indicated on every product page. 

All of our chain necklaces and bracelets have 3 setting rings so that you can easily adjust the size in regards to your wrist or neck. 

If you need help or if you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@odace.co.

Depending on the size of the message, we can engrave most of ODACE jewels. When ordering you can click on the option “add an engraving” and write the word you wish to see engraved. 

If you want to offer a jewelry piece as a present and aren’t sure of the size, we recommend not engraving it. It is possible to send back the jewel to add an engraving afterwards. However, the shipping fee to send back the jewel for an engraving is not covered by ODACE.

Once the jewel is engraved, no returns are accepted.

No ! Unlike gold plating, 18K gold does not tarnish. It keeps its color and shine. No worries, your ODACE jewelry is designed with 18K gold to make you shine throughout your whole lifetime.

Of course, ODACE jewelry never has to come off, even under water. All of our jewels are designed with 18K gold. They will not deteriorate and will not fade under water.

Gold jewelry does not like impacts. Try to avoid scratching them or hitting them against things. Do not wear the jewelry when doing sports. Put them away in their ODACE box when you are not wearing them in order to avoid any friction or impact with other jewels or objects.

Fill a cup with hot water. Add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Place your jewelry delicately in the cup. Wait 15 minutes. Then with a flexible toothbrush or a wet cotton swab, gently scrub the jewel. Rince it and then dry it with a soft cloth. The jewel is like new ! You can repeat this cleaning process every 3-4 months.

Orders & Deliveries

All of our orders are shipped with Colissimo or DHL from France. The shipping is completely secure and your jewel is insured until its delivery to the wanted destination. To make sure that the jewel has been delivered, we ask for a signature upon the arrival.

For all orders in continental France and E.U, the shipping is free. 

For the orders concerning overseas departments and abroad, shipping and customs fees will be applied if your country is not a part of the European Union. 

ODACE has reserved the right to refuse a delivery concerning difficult access zones.

Yes, we ship worldwide. However, for all purchases outside of the European Union shipping and customs fees will be applied. 

All ODACE jewelry is hand-made and made to order in our french workshops. This way of functioning asks for some patience, but for most jewels we strive to respect a delay of 4 to 6 weeks between the order and the shipping.

Returns & Exchanges

Within 15 days after the delivery, we accept returns and exchanges for earrings, necklaces and bracelets, as long as they are in their original state and that they were not customized with an engraving. The shipping fees to return your jewel and to deliver your new jewel are at your charge. 

Unfortunately, for rings, we can not accept any returns except if it's for a resizing.

Contact us by email at hello@odace.co, we will send you a shipping label as well as some instructions to follow.


We accept credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Bank transfers are also accepted under certain conditions. 

Our credit card system is completely secure with the most reliable encryption protocol known in France. ODACE does not keep any banking information. You can make your purchases on our website without a worry in the world.

On our website, it is possible to choose the bank transfer option. Once the order is placed, you need to make the bank transfer by following the information given. In order to guarantee a secure payment, the order will only be taken into account and launched when the funds are received by our bank account. This payment option can extend the delay between the order and the delivery by a couple days.

For the moment, we do not accept cryptocurrency to buy our ODACE jewelry.