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Ethics and environmental sustainability

ODACE uses only traceable and responsable materials.

Ethics and environmental sustainability

ODACE uses only traceable and responsable materials.

Choosing the lab-grown diamond

We only use man-made diamonds. No mines, no conflict and no extraction. We know exactly where our diamonds are coming from and in what conditions they were created. The lab-grown diamond is proof that the jewelry industry can become more ethical and accountable thanks to technological advances all while keeping its artisanal craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. This fascinating step forward gives a new momentum to the jewelry industry and thus it enrolls itself in the current era.

Choosing recycled gold

We based ourselves off of a fact : according to the World Gold Council, humankind has already extracted almost 80% of the total amount of gold available. In addition, gold mining leaves permanent damage on the earth and surrounding populations. The use of cyanide and mercury (extremely toxic materials) contaminates soils and groundwater. Not to mention the fact that gold mining requires a huge amount of water. On an ethical level, labor conditions in the mining industry, exposure to toxic fumes, and smuggling are alarming and upsetting situations that unfortunately continue to exist.

However, since we are rather optimistic and that we prefer to see the glass half full instead of half empty, we consider ourselves lucky that gold is indestructible and that it has the ability to be recycled over and over again. ODACE chooses to recycle instead of extract. Our recycled COC-certified gold comes from old jewelry and electrical components. This process allows us to give a new life to the newfound gold by melting and molding it into our 18K gold jewelry. The jewelry is just as desirable as it is ethical and responsible.

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Excellence of
Made in France

In France we are lucky to have exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. For this reason we want to preserve and promote these arts that are so unique and valuable. From the jewel to the box, everything is hand-made in France, by artisan experts, with passion and care for details. In order to share this passionate work, we have unveiled each step concerning the creation of our jewelry and bring you behind the scenes of our workshop.


Our ambition is to renew this industry and let it mark and remain in contemporary society.

Magical, the jewelry universe makes us dream with its beauty and outstanding know-how. Yet when we start to ask ourselves where the gems and metals come from, their extracting conditions, and traceability, we are quickly confronted with a huge lack of transparency. Even if there have been improvements, jewelry is often not a subject linked to responsible consumption. Opacity, lack of ethical and responsible efforts, our ambition is to renew this industry and engrave it in the era of time - a modern era, focused on ethical work practices and a bright future for our planet.

To be transparent and because we have nothing to hide, ODACE tells you everything about where our materials come from and the fact that they are 100% made in France. Our diamonds are lab-grown, which allows us to guarantee traceability and fair working conditions. Our certified COC gold comes from old european jewelry and electrical components which allows us to recycle instead of extract. Our jewelry and boxes are hand-made in french workshops by passionate men and women. ODACE is proud to work in full transparency with local and trustful partners.

Fair prices

We source all of our diamonds directly from the laboratories, significantly reducing the number of intermediates between the diamond and the jewelry atelier : from 0 to 1 with us compared to 10 to 15 for a mined diamond. Thus, we reduce excessive intermediate margins that make the diamonds price rocket and give back its fair value. Everyone is happy because our jewelry is sold at its fair value without having to hinder the quality and the 100% made in France.

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