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The beginning of ODACE

The new generation jewelry

ODACE is the new generation jewelry brand that ventures, shines and shakes traditional codes.

All of our jewelry is hand-made in France, with recycled 18K gold and lab-grown diamonds.

Our mission is to give a new meaning to jewelry while engraving it in the era of time - a modern era, focused on ethical work practices and a bright future for our planet. Determined, we contribute to creating this bright and sustainable future.

ODACE is destined for modern, dareful, and engaged souls that just like us, dare to shine differently.

The story of a duo

César & Manon

César & Manon - fondateurs ODACE Joaillerie
ODACE - Cesar & Manon - Mains

Do you believe in beautiful stories ? ODACE has been built over the years, with our emotions, sometimes our doubts, but, mostly it traces a love story that lasts over the years.

Already on the school benches we dreamed about starting a business and innovating together. Since then, inseparable, we have decided to undertake our journey together. Travel lovers, we lived on the other side of the world. Bon vivants, craft lovers, we have always kept a strong bond with France through our passion careers linked to the jewelry universe and the french lifestyle.

But a little something was always missing. There was a permanent want to create. This want to associate a passionate career with our true values. This want to update a traditional and fascinating industry that was aging, to bring more sense.

And then one beautiful day in 2020, while we were already living in New York for quite some time, we discovered an American laboratory that “grows” diamonds. We instantaneously felt that something incredible was presenting itself to us and was going to change the jewelry universe.

The diamond, this gem with its remarkable brightness and rainbow effect, can now be created in a laboratory while respecting the earth and humankind. Completely fascinated, we immediately decided to pack our bags and go back to France to create ODACE : a desired, modern, and engaged jewelry that ventures, shines, and shakes traditional codes.

Each jewel is hand-made in our french workshops with 18K recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. An alloy of artisanal craftsmanship and technological progress, our jewels are naturally engraved in the era of time.

You too, join the movement and write your own beautiful story. 


Cesar & Manon

Our philosophy

Dare, Shine, Innovate

Our life philosophy : enjoy life to the fullest, dream big, be bold, live in the era of time, and act towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

Our jewelry is just as unique, modern, daring and engaged as those who dare to shine differently with us.


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