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Petite Onde Bracelet

Made from 18-karat recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.


Payment in 2 and 3 installments without fees available


Notre bracelet Petite Onde s’inscrit dans notre collection Onde Sensuelle. Un bracelet aux lignes arrondies, inspiré des ondes et de la beauté de la nature, qui invite au jeu de séduction et à la rêverie. Ses deux diamants brillants sertis clos reliant la médaille et le cercle en or créent une légèreté et rendent ce bijou si singulier et captivant.

Ce bracelet est 100% personnalisable. Gravez l’inscription de votre choix sur le côté face. Vous pouvez également ajouter une gravure supplémentaire au dos du pendentif (+20€). Notre bracelet Petite Onde est le bijou idéal pour marquer une naissance ou rendre hommage à nos êtres aimés les plus chers. On le porte au quotidien près de la peau comme un précieux porte-bonheur.

Diamants de laboratoire :
Bracelet personnalisable orné de 2 diamants pour un total de 0,06 ct.
Tous nos diamants sont traçables et fabriqués en laboratoire dans le respect des hommes et de notre planète.
Leur qualité est excellente :
Couleur : D, E ou F
Pureté : VS+

Or recyclé :
Le poids d’or 18K (750/1000e) moyen total de cette pièce est de : 2.44g.
L’or que nous utilisons provient d’anciens bijoux ou composants électroniques. Il est traçable et certifié COC (Chain of Custody).

Fabrication :
Cette pièce de joaillerie est fabriquée à la commande, spécialement pour vous, dans notre atelier français. Elle est accompagnée de son élégant écrin, lui aussi fabriqué en France.

Product details

Lab diamonds:
Customizable bracelet adorned with 2 diamonds for a total of 0.06 ct.
All our diamonds are traceable and manufactured in a laboratory with respect for people and our planet.
Their quality is excellent:
Color: D, E or F
Purity: VS+

Recycled gold:
The total average 18K (750/1000th) gold weight of this piece is: 2.44g.
The gold we use comes from old jewelry or electronic components. It is traceable and COC (Chain of Custody) certified.

This piece of jewelry is made to order, especially for you, in our French workshop. It is accompanied by its elegant box, also made in France.

Care and advices

Shopping Tips:
All our bracelets are available in one size with 3 adjustment rings to adapt to all sizes.

Interview :
Unlike gold plated, 18K gold does not tarnish, not even in water! It retains its color and shine over time. No need to worry, all ODACE jewelry is designed from 18K gold to enhance you and accompany you for a lifetime. For more maintenance tips, check out ourFAQs.


Delivery :
This item is shipped carefully via secure shipping within approximately 4-6 weeks from receipt of order.

Back :
A change of mind? Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be returned and exchanged within 15 days of receipt of the package. The rings can be resized. Check out ourFAQsor contact us athello@odace.cofor more information.

Petite Onde Bracelet


Why choose our bracelet – Petite Onde?

Our Petite Onde bracelet is part of our Onde Sensuelle collection. A bracelet with rounded lines, inspired by waves and the beauty of nature, which invites you to play on seduction and daydream. Its two brilliant bezel-set diamonds connecting the medal and the gold circle create lightness and make this jewel so singular and captivating.

This bracelet is 100% customizable. Engrave the inscription of your choice on the front side. You can also add an additional engraving to the back of the pendant (+20€). Our Petite Onde bracelet is the ideal piece of jewelry to mark a birth or pay tribute to our dearest loved ones. We wear it every day close to the skin like a precious lucky charm.

New generation luxury

  • Diamonds grown with love in the laboratory.
  • As real as nature
  • Ethical, sustainable and traceable
  • Zero Mine – Zero Conflict – Zero Extraction
  • 18k recycled gold
  • Jewelry made in France

All our jewelry is made by hand in our French workshops from 18-carat recycled gold and laboratory-grown diamonds.
All our diamonds are made with respect for people and our planet. The gold we use, COC certified, comes from old jewelry or electronic components.

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