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A unique jewel, just like you

Do you dream of a bespoke jewelry creation imagined and designed especially for you? Whether you have a very specific idea or are starting from scratch, we'll work with you to create the jewel of your dreams, in line with your budget.

The stages in your custom design project

1. The first appointment at the showroom or by video

Meet us and tell us your story.

The first step in creating your custom jewelry with ODACE is to book an appointment..

We'll be delighted to discuss your customized design project, in person or by video, whichever you prefer. During this first meeting, you'll be able to share your ideas, desires and inspirations, and we'll be able to answer any questions you may have.

2. Research & Design

After this initial meeting, we'll examine the feasibility of your project and send you a quotation with initial sketches.  

Once you've approved the quote, we'll ask you for a deposit so that we can start the creation process. 

Several design proposals in the form of technical drawings will be sent to you until we arrive at your dream design, which will then be modeled in 3D. At this stage, if you're still having trouble imagining the volumes and proportions of your future jewel, we can offer to create your jewel in wax and present it to you in our Paris showroom.

3. Choosing your diamonds

Once the design has been fully validated, we will carefully select the diamonds that will adorn your jewel. At this stage, we will ask you to pay 50% of the estimate, so that we can start the manufacturing process. 

4. Making your dream jewel

Once we have the diamonds in hand, we can begin the bespoke manufacture of your jewel in our French workshop.

Please note: this stage requires time and precision, which means you'll need to wait between 6 and 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design, for your unique piece of jewelry to take shape. We believe that every piece of jewelry deserves the time it takes to be carefully made-to-measure.

5. Delivery of your unique jewel

When your bespoke jewel is ready, we'll invite you to discover your unique creation in person or through an online presentation. You'll be able to admire every detail, every diamond and every hand-crafted finish that make your jewel so exceptional.

You will be asked to pay the remaining balance of your quote.

We will then choose together the method of collection that suits you best: at our Paris showroom or by insured and secure delivery to your home, within 48 hours, against signature. Your jewel case will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for the jewel, as well as the GIA/IGI certificate for any diamonds over 0.4 carat.