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April, diamond month

Avril, le mois du diamant

April, the month of diamonds in the birthstone calendar.

For millennia we have had this very special relationship with precious stones. Between wonder and beliefs, they have the power to captivate us and transmit intimate and powerful emotions. So much so that each month of the year has been associated with a precious stone, and each of these 12 precious stones has been linked to unique symbolism and virtues. As specialists and fervent diamond lovers, at ODACE we invite you to celebrate with us this very special month: April, diamond month!

Why is April the month of diamonds?

An age-old tradition and beliefs

Because they amaze and intrigue us, many cultures around the world have questioned the power and symbolism of precious stones. This fascination goes back thousands of years!

Indeed, the tradition of associating the 12 stones with symbolism dates back to the Old Testament, where the 12 stones worn by Aaron on his breastplate symbolized the 12 tribes of Israel. Since Antiquity, precious stones have also been associated with the signs of the zodiac and numerous virtues.

It was more recently during the 1970s that lithotherapy (the belief in healing with stones) was popularized. This belief is based on the fact that precious stones have therapeutic virtues and properties through the energies they release. Certain stones could, for example, ease tensions, bring inner peace, protection or even healing.

Beyond healing properties, precious stones have always been associated with strong symbols, such as love, passion, loyalty or wisdom, making them valuable objects for jewelry and talismans, as well as for spirituality and meditation.

Many birthstone calendars have emerged over the years based on beliefs and cultures. But it wasn't until 1912 that the National Association of Jewelers officially determined which gemstone would be associated with each month of the year.

The diamond, symbol of love and eternity

The month of April was associated with the queen of gems: the diamond! But why April?

The color of the diamond – a bright, luminous white – is perfectly suited to the month of April and the spring season, a season marked by the return of beautiful, bright days.

The choice of diamond for April's birthstone could also be due to the very meaning of the word “diamond”, which comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning “indomitable” or “invincible”. The diamond, invincible , is in fact the purest and most resistant of all minerals. These properties could be associated with the birth of spring, which is considered a pure period of renewal and rebirth where nature, invincible , flourishes and regains its rights.

Today, the diamond remains the ultimate symbol of perfection, love and eternity. It brings strength and wisdom to the person who wears it and symbolizes a mark of commitment on the part of the person who offers it. The month of April is also marked by the start of the wedding season, the opportunity to mark your love and commitment through a ring adorned with diamonds. Because it has exceptional hardness properties, diamond is the ultimate gemstone to choose when it comes to choosing an engagement ring and wedding rings. It does not fear shocks and will withstand a lifetime of love and adventures!

How to celebrate the month of April with ODACE?

Diamond specialist, a special month for ODACE

As a specialist and fervent diamond lover, the month of April is a very special month at ODACE. As you know, all our creations are made in France from 18-carat recycled gold and cultured diamonds , in an ethical and responsible approach.

To celebrate this very special month, we have decided to offer each year during this period a 10% discount on our permanent collections . If you are reading us this month of April, it is the ideal time to treat yourself or offer a unique piece of jewelry and mark an important moment in your life.

The term birthstone is not exclusively associated with the birth of a child, you can give it whatever meaning you wish. A birthday, renewal of vows, or simply a special day to remember... Giving a piece of jewelry adorned with one or more diamonds is the symbol of love and eternity! If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, write to us at to benefit from this April offer.

Engagement ring and custom jewelry

Although our wedding range is not yet available on our online store (be patient, it is currently being prototyped and will arrive before the end of the year 😊), we can create your tailor-made dream ring! Many Odac-ieux couples have already trusted us to create engagement rings, wedding rings and also custom birth jewelry.

The stages of creating a custom piece of jewelry

  1. The first meeting : A first meeting so that you tell us your beautiful story and to discuss the desired style and the budget.
  2. The design : Several design proposals until we arrive at the dream design. It is at this stage that you will be asked to pay a deposit to allow us to launch the creation process.
  3. The choice of diamonds : The final choice of diamonds that will adorn your jewelry and the signing of the final quote.
  4. Manufacturing : The launch of tailor-made manufacturing in our French workshop.
  5. Delivery : Payment of the remaining balance, then delivery of your precious jewel.

For any custom creation request, write to us at . We will be happy to guide you and support you in this unique project which will mark an important moment in your life.