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Onde Sensuelle: The inspirations for our first jewelry collection

Onde Sensuelle : Les inspirations de notre première collection de joaillerie

A few months ago we happily unveiled our very first Onde Sensuelle collection.

In a desire to make it a real ODACE signature, this collection highlights what characterizes our jewelry house: a feminine and poetic universe endowed with a large dose of modernity, ingenuity, audacity and commitment. . Inspired by the beauty of nature, each piece of jewelry pays homage with finesse to our most precious – our planet – and seduces us with its soft sensual curves.

But what is hidden behind this poetic name “Onde Sensuelle” ? Discover in this article the inspirations for this unique collection.

The different muses of Onde Sensuelle

Because ODACE is a committed and daring jewelry house, we wanted to demonstrate our values ​​through our creations. Thus, our first Onde Sensuelle collection is directly inspired by the beauty of nature and more particularly the captivating waves that can be seen on the surface of the water. Conceived as a real game of seduction between the object of desire (the jewel) and its viewer, our collection invites reverie and enchantment.

The captivating waves on the water surface

Water is a fascinating element with its power and grace. We wanted to pay homage to this blue gold, this rare resource that is so precious and captivating. For this first collection , we were inspired by the waves that can be seen on the surface of water when a drop lands on it. Designs with rounded lines and hypnotizing circular curves, an illusion of movement, a sensation of weightlessness: so many elements which echo the propagation of these waves on the surface of the water and which invite contemplation and daydreaming. The word “Wave” takes on its full meaning here because it designates a space of water but also refers to the Ondines, aquatic geniuses with captivating beauty.

The diamond pear, illustration of the drop

Concerning the choice of stones, we favored the pear cut directly echoing the drop of water. As you may know, at ODACE we exclusively use cultured diamonds, also called synthetic diamonds or laboratory diamonds, the ecological and ethical alternative to mined diamonds . A pear-shaped diamond has an average of 58 facets, thus fully reflecting the rays of light, like water that shimmers and sparkles in the sun's rays.

The game of seduction

Our creations embody the playful and mischievous side of Nature. We wanted our jewelry to surprise, intrigue and amaze you. To do this, we have imagined trompe-l'oeil effects and ingenious mechanisms allowing you to play and compose with some of our flagship pieces . Conceived as a real game of seduction between the object of desire (the jewel) and its viewer, our collection invites reverie and enchantment. Appealing to the senses and the pleasures that our creations provide, this first ODACE collection thus bears the word “Sensual”.

Women and their uniqueness

We dedicate this Onde Sensuelle collection to the modern and committed women of today and tomorrow. We pay tribute to their grace and audacity by naming each of our creations by a personality trait that we admire in the women who inspire us: The Ambitious , The Dreamer , The Playful , The Charmer , The Adventurer ... Like the mythological creatures from which it takes its name, this collection immerses you in a daring feminine universe of assertive singularity.

The signature jewelry of the Onde Sensuelle collection

Some of our creations perfectly embody the very spirit of our Onde Sensuelle collection. Now find this selection of flagship jewelry, favorites of the creators of our house – César and Manon.

Our ring - The captivating

This sublime La Captivante ring perfectly illustrates the play of waves propagating gracefully on the surface of the water. Its 0.33-carat claw-set diamond is delicately positioned in the center of the ring, like a drop resting on the surface of water and forming a multitude of captivating waves. Majestic, of unparalleled beauty, La Captivante will certainly be the center of all attention.

Our earring - The ambitious

In a resolutely modern spirit, our L'ambitieuse earring provides a feeling of weightlessness and illusion through its ingenious construction. As a trompe l'oeil, its 0.20 carat bezel-set pear-shaped diamond gives the impression of hanging weightlessly under the earlobe, like a suspended drop of water. This illusion is accentuated by the golden ring, symbol of the wave, which hypnotizes and highlights the gem. Refined and elegant, this earring can be worn unpaired with another earring for a play on asymmetry or as a pair for an elegant and refined style for any occasion.

Our ring - The charmeuse

The Charmeuse is a design that you will find available as a necklace and a ring . On the ring, its 0.50 carat bezel-set pear-shaped diamond delicately rests against its circle paved with 55 brilliant diamonds. The pear thus connects the two gold circles and gives the impression that the whole thing is weightless. Like a drop of water allowing two waves to propagate on the surface of the water, this aerial pattern combines finesse and elegance. Crazy charm guaranteed whether you wear it on your finger or around your neck!

Our Ear Cuff - The little adventurer

To follow the asymmetry trend, what could be better than a magnificent ear cuff? Sensational and unique in its kind, seeming to defy all gravity, The Adventurer has a double hook. Like any ear cuff, the adventurer first slips into the top of the ear, on each side of the cartilage. Then, its stud placed behind the pear-shaped diamond slips into the hole of the ear like a classic earring. So, there is no risk of losing your ear jewelry. To complete it all, its 0.20-carat pear-shaped diamond slides along the gold ring thanks to an ingenious mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism reminiscent of the fall of a drop of water, this ear cuff will adapt perfectly to the ear of each Odac-ieuse. Sensational and unique of its kind, available in a version paved with 47 brilliant diamonds, as well as in an unpaved version , L'aventurière will mark your style with great audacity!

You now know the story and inspirations behind the design of our very first jewelry line. But please know that this story is only an introduction. We are always very moved to see you wear our creations and write the rest of their story, because our jewelry lives and exists above all through those who wear them and give them meaning.

We still have lots of lovely surprises in store for you for the rest of the ODACE adventure. To keep up with all our news, follow us on our Instagram account . If you have questions, a project or simply need advice, you can contact us via our contact page or by email at . We are always happy to help you.