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ODACE Frequently Asked Questions


What is different about ODACE from other jewelry brands?

ODACE is THE new generation jewelry that dares, sublimates and shakes up the codes. Our ambition: to create desirable, modern and committed jewelry that is part of the times. The recent discovery of the synthetic diamond in a Silicon Valley laboratory is our reason for being. This is a real upheaval and social and environmental progress in the jewelry industry.
At ODACE, we exclusively use lab-grown diamonds and 18K recycled gold. All our jewelry is customizable and 100% made in France. To get to know us better, discover “ Our Story ”.

Why do you call yourself a modern, ethical and ecological jeweler?

Our mission is to breathe new life into jewelry and bring it into the era of the times – a modern era, concerned with ethical working practices and the future of our planet. Committed, we participate on our scale in building a more sustainable and ethical future.

All our diamonds are made in a laboratory. Zero mining, zero conflict and zero extraction. No doubt, we know where our diamonds come from and in what conditions they were created. All our jewelry and boxes are designed by hand in French workshops. We ensure that everyone involved in the manufacturing process of our jewelry benefits from fair and equitable working conditions.

In order to preserve the environment we use 18K recycled gold and synthetic diamonds created in the laboratory. No holes in the earth, no deforestation, no toxic waste, no pollution of rivers and groundwater.

We choose to work with local partners, mainly French, in order to promote our heritage and our exceptional artistic crafts while significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

To better understand our commitments and our reason for being, click on “ Our values ".

Where are ODACE jewelry made?

At ODACE, we are proud to offer you jewelry 100% made in France. Each of our pieces is crafted in a French jewelry workshop by expert artisans.

How are ODACE boxes made?

ODACE boxes are made by hand in our French workshop located in Yvelines. In order to limit our environmental impact as much as possible, we use recyclable cardboard and FSC-certified paper.

Why don't you ever have sales?

There are no sales at ODACE because we offer you the fairest prices all year round, without excessive margins.

How to contact the ODACE team?

You can contact us by email at or by post at 6 rue d'Armaillé, 75017 Paris. To access the contact form, click on “ Contact us ”.

Is it possible to organize a video meeting?

Yes ! We can organize a video meeting with you. It's a perfect way for a first discussion for a tailor-made project or to discover our jewelry on camera in 360°. You can send us an appointment request via the contact form or at . We will send you confirmation and appointment information very quickly.

Synthetic Diamonds and Recycled Gold

What materials are used in making ODACE jewelry?

At ODACE we choose to make our jewelry exclusively from synthetic diamonds created in the laboratory and 18K recycled gold. In this way we guarantee the traceability of our materials and we participate in building a more sustainable and ethical future.

Why use 18K gold?

Pure gold (24K) is too soft to be used in the manufacture of jewelry. It would deform too quickly at the slightest shock or false movement. It is therefore appropriate to mix pure gold with an alloy of other metals. 18K gold is composed of 75% pure gold, and 25% of an alloy of silver and copper (and sometimes palladium) in varying quantities depending on the color of the gold desired (yellow gold, gold pink or white gold).

18K gold is the most precious of alloys, ideally used in jewelry because it has many advantages: it makes gold more solid and resistant, without ever compromising its stainless and non-allergenic properties. 18K gold jewelry is worn for a lifetime, resists corrosion and never oxidizes, even in contact with water. They are marked with an eagle's head punch to differentiate them from other alloys.

Why use recycled gold?

We started from an observation: according to the World Gold Council, humanity has already extracted nearly 80% of the gold present underground. Furthermore, gold mining causes irreparable damage to the planet and populations. The use of highly toxic cyanide and mercury contaminates soil and groundwater forever. Gold mining requires colossal quantities of water.

On an ethical level, working conditions in mines, exposure to toxic fumes, smuggling, are all alarming and disturbing flaws but unfortunately very real. But because we are great optimists and we prefer to see the glass half full rather than half empty, we are happy about one thing: gold is indestructible and has the capacity to be recycled infinitely.

At ODACE, we therefore choose to recycle rather than extract. Our COC certified recycled gold comes from old jewelry and electronic components. Thus, we give new life to this unearthed, melted and transformed gold, through our 18-carat gold jewelry that is as desirable as it is ethical and responsible.

Why only use synthetic diamonds and not mine diamonds?

Mine diamond extraction does not respect ODACE values. The synthetic diamond is an innovative solution to the abuses of the diamond industry: depletion of the earth's resources, overexploitation of human beings, pollution, conflict diamonds and smuggling.

At ODACE, we work at our level for a more ethical and responsible future. This synthetic diamond is proof that more ethical and responsible jewelry can be built thanks to human and technological progress, while preserving our ancestral artisanal know-how. This fascinating evolution today offers jewelry a new lease of life and allows it to be part of the era of time.

To find out more about this diamond of the future, click on “ The Synthetic Diamond ”.

Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Synthetic diamond has exactly the same physical, chemical and visual properties as mined diamond. A gemologist, with the naked eye, with a magnifying glass or even with a x10 microscope, cannot differentiate it. It's a diamond.

Their only difference: their origin. One comes from mines, the other is created in the laboratory by man. The fruit of science and technological innovation, the synthetic diamond is today the only completely traceable diamond designed with respect for people and the planet.

To better understand the synthetic diamond, click on “ The Synthetic Diamond ”.

How is synthetic diamond created in the laboratory?

Thanks to technological progress, it is possible today to afford a diamond while leaving our earth intact. Indeed, by reproducing in the laboratory the terrestrial conditions conducive to the formation of a diamond; pure carbon put under high pressure and high temperature; we are capable of creating real diamonds, identical to those extracted from mines, but with less human and environmental impact.

To learn more about the diamond formation process, click on “ Synthetic Diamond ".

Which laboratories do ODACE diamonds come from?

At ODACE, we select our partner laboratories according to precise criteria: excellence, environmental sustainability and fair labor practices.

Although the laboratories are state-of-the-art, growing a diamond remains extremely difficult. Production capacities around the world are limited. This is why we are diversifying our partnerships and turning to several laboratories located in the United States and Asia.

The sourcing of our synthetic diamonds is certified carbon neutral, meaning that the energy consumed to produce our diamonds is reduced as much as possible and offset by funding carbon capture projects.

What is the quality of the diamonds that ODACE offers in its jewelry pieces?

At ODACE we only offer you the cream of the crop, the best possible quality for diamonds. Our criteria are strict, we only select diamonds of D, E or F color and clarity greater than or equal to VS.

To find out more about diamond quality criteria, click on “ Synthetic diamond ".

Do ODACE synthetic diamonds come with a certificate?

All our diamonds over 0.5 carat are certified by the most famous gemmological institutes: IGI, GIA or HRD. Our jewelry pieces featuring a diamond of more than 0.5 carat are accompanied by an official certificate. It is a sort of diamond identity card attesting to its uniqueness, weight, color, size and purity.

Do you offer colored stones?

To date we work exclusively with diamonds. At the moment, only diamond can be created identically in the laboratory – with exactly the same physical, chemical and visual properties. Given their more complex chemical formula, it is still particularly difficult to create identically colored stones in the laboratory. If technology evolves and allows us to obtain colored stones physically, chemically and visually identical to those extracted from the earth, we would be happy to offer them to you. For the moment we are focusing on the diamond, this fascinating stone with a thousand rainbow lights which continues to make us dream.

Care, Sizes & Customization

Can I contact ODACE for a custom part?

For all requests for custom creations, click on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of the page and fill out our form. You can contact us on our contact page , at or at +33 6 81 34 87 07 to arrange an appointment. We can then discuss your project and we will do everything we can to design the jewelry of your dreams.

How do I know my finger size?

You can download our size guide from the “ Size Guide ” link. Make sure to print it at a 1:1 scale. All you have to do is place a ring of your size on the circle that fits it. matches.

If my ring is not my size, can I adjust it?

If you would like to adjust the size of a ring, contact us at with your order number and fitting instructions. We will arrange a return and arrange to send you a new size. We do not cover shipping costs for sending a new size. We invite you to download the “ Size Guide ” to ensure the size to order.

How do I ensure that the necklace or bracelet I want to order will be in my size?

The length of each of our necklaces and bracelets is indicated on each product page.

All our chain necklaces and bracelets are designed with three adjustment rings so that the size can be adjusted according to the width of each person's wrist and neck.

If you need any assistance, or have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Is it possible to have an ODACE piece of jewelry engraved?

Within the limit of the size of the message, we can engrave most ODACE jewelry. When ordering, you can click on the “add an engraving” option and enter the word to be engraved.

If you want to offer a piece of jewelry and you are not sure of the size, we recommend offering it without engraving. You will then be able to return the jewelry to us for adding an engraving. However, shipping costs related to returning the part for engraving will not be covered by ODACE.

Once engraved, the jewel cannot be returned.

Will gold tarnish or discolor?

No ! Unlike gold plated, 18K gold does not tarnish. It retains its color and shine over time. No need to worry, your ODACE jewelry is designed from 18K gold to enhance you and accompany you for a lifetime.

Can I wear my jewelry in water?

Of course, your ODACE jewelry will never leave, not even in water. All our jewelry is made from 18K gold. They will not deteriorate or discolor upon contact with water.

How can I take care of my ODACE jewelry?

Gold jewelry does not like shocks. Avoid scratching or hitting them. Do not wear them when participating in a sporting activity. Store them carefully in their ODACE case when you are not wearing them to avoid any friction or impact with other jewelry or objects.

How do I clean my ODACE jewelry?

Fill a glass with hot water. Pour the equivalent of a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Place your jewelry delicately at the bottom of the glass. Wait 15 minutes. Then, using a very soft toothbrush, or a cotton swab previously soaked in water, gently rub the jewelry. Rinse, then dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. The jewelry is like new! You can repeat cleaning every 3-4 months.

Orders & Deliveries

How is my ODACE order shipped?

All orders are delivered via Colissimo or DHL from France. Delivery is completely secure and your jewelry is insured until it is delivered to the address of your choice. To ensure the package has been delivered, we require a signature upon delivery.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

We offer delivery costs for all orders delivered in France and the European Union.

For orders to be delivered abroad, you will have to pay delivery costs and customs fees if your country is outside the European Union.

ODACE reserves the right to refuse delivery to certain areas that are difficult to access.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. For all purchases outside the European Union, however, you will have to pay delivery and customs costs.

How long can I expect to receive my ODACE jewelry?

All ODACE jewelry is made to order by hand in our French workshops. This model requires a little waiting, but for most parts we commit to a period of 4 to 6 weeks between taking the order and shipping the package.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return and exchange jewelry?

Within 15 days after receipt of the order, we accept returns and exchanges of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, provided that they are in the original condition and have not been personalized with engraving. The costs of returning your jewelry as well as shipping your new item are your responsibility.

For rings, we unfortunately cannot accept returns, unless it is a resize.

How to return a piece of jewelry?

Contact us by email at , we will send you a shipping label and instructions.


What payment methods are accepted at ODACE?

We accept payments by credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Bank transfers are accepted under certain conditions.

Our bank card system is completely secure with the most secure and widespread encryption protocol in France. ODACE does not store any banking information. You can make your purchases on our site with complete peace of mind.

How to make a bank transfer?

On our website it is possible to choose the payment option by bank transfer. Once the order has been placed, you will need to make the bank transfer with the information indicated. In order to guarantee payment security, the order will only be taken into account and launched once the funds have been received in our bank account. This payment method can therefore extend the time between order and delivery by a few days.

Do you accept cryptocurrencies?

At the moment, we do not accept payment for our ODACE jewelry by cryptocurrency.