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Tips for maintaining your 18-carat gold jewelry

Les astuces pour entretenir vos bijoux en or 18 carats

First of all, rest assured! All of our jewelry is made from 18k gold. This means that they will not oxidize over time or on contact with water. Unlike gold plated jewelry, you will not see any traces of tarnishing or blackening. However, certain signs of wear or impurities may appear on your accessories. To ensure they keep their shine as long as possible, certain actions should be adopted! We will guide you so that you can perfectly maintain your 18 carat gold jewelry .

Avoid exposing your 18k gold jewelry to beauty products and chemicals

One of the first reflexes to adopt is to remove your jewelry when using soap or creams, in the shower or when washing your hands. A thin layer of product could be deposited on your jewelry and tarnish it. This is even more obvious if the jewelry is set with a stone. Residue may be deposited on the gem, or below the gem, and cause it to lose its splendor.

Likewise, remove your braces when handling chemicals . Spare your jewelry the ordeal of gardening, cleaning or even DIY! You risk depositing a layer of substances on your jewelry and altering its shine.

Relieve your 18 carat gold jewelry from all shocks

Along the same lines, try as much as possible to spare your jewelry from dangerous activities . When you practice physical activity (a sport or when moving for example), get into the habit of removing your jewelry to protect it from shocks, snags and scratches.

Indeed, even if the chains of your bracelets or necklaces are designed to be as resistant as possible, they remain no less delicate. Avoid wearing them during physical activities so that they do not risk getting caught and breaking under the effect of strong pressure.

The prongs that hold stones in place, especially on your rings, are also a fragile part of jewelry. If you see that a claw is clinging to your tights, your scarf, your wool sweater, or a towel, avoid pulling with force if you do not want to deform it and weaken the hold of the stone. Following a big impact, the claws can also be deformed. If you have the slightest doubt regarding the condition of the prongs on your jewelry, we recommend that you contact your jeweler to check that the stone is in good condition.

Be sure to store your 18k gold jewelry carefully

Another reflex that we advise you to adopt is to store your jewelry in their 100% Made in France ODACE cases or in a quality jewelry box. This will prevent the jewelry from rubbing against each other or against other objects and possibly getting scratched.

We also recommend that you avoid placing your 18-carat gold jewelry on your bedside table or on the edge of your sink. It would be a shame to see your precious jewelry disappear, to lose it behind a piece of furniture or to have it travel down your pipes.

Here is also a tip not to be overlooked: remove your jewelry to sleep . Not to mention that it may be more comfortable for you, impacts against a wall or bedside cabinet will be spared during restless sleep.

Maintain your 18k gold jewelry

Let's start with the care of the precious metal. To find out everything about gold (put the link to the article), do not hesitate to read our article dedicated to it. There are several small steps that can help your 18-carat gold jewelry regain its shine.

You can start by gently rubbing your jewelry with a piece of soft, dry cloth to remove any fingerprints and deposits from beauty products or chemicals that may have accumulated.

However, this may not be enough to revive the shine of gold. In this case, take a brush with very soft bristles and dip it in lukewarm water to clean your accessory by gently rubbing the surface before wiping it on a soft cloth.

If your jewelry has fairly visible scratches that do not disappear with our previous tips, we recommend that you go to professionals . They will be able to polish your jewelry with tools designed for this purpose and thus give new life to your gold jewelry.

ODACE - 4.5 - Tout savoir sur l'or - Bijoux - Veste bleue
ODACE - 4.5 - Tout savoir sur l'or - Bijoux - Veste bleue - 2

And the diamond?

Has it been months since you cleaned your jewelry and your diamond seems dull and no longer reflects the light as much?

Prepare a mixture of hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid (ideally natural) in a bowl . Place your jewelry delicately at the bottom of the bowl. Wait 15 minutes. Then, using a toothbrush with very soft bristles, or a cotton swab previously soaked in water, gently rub the jewelry. Rinse, then dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. This way, you will eliminate any dirt that could have slipped into the nooks and crannies of your jewelry and the diamond. The jewelry is like new! You can repeat cleaning every 3 months. If you wear this jewelry occasionally, cleaning every six months is ideal.

If these little tips do not work and your diamond unfortunately cannot regain its shine, we advise you to have it serviced in a jewelry store that has more effective tools.

You now know lots of practices and tips to ensure that your 18-carat gold jewelry sparkles and shines for a lifetime, and even more!