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Our selection of jewelry for Christmas

Notre sélection de bijoux pour Noël

The Christmas holidays are approaching and with them, the stress of finding the perfect gift! To help you, we present to you some favorite jewelry that is sure to delight your loved one!

Get a little ahead of time to have your jewelry under the Christmas tree on the big day!

As you know, at ODACE, we follow an eco-responsible approach. Our jewelry is made to order to avoid overproduction and unsold items. This method allows us to personalize each of our pieces of jewelry by engraving the message of your choice and letting you choose your favorite gold color.

However, this model requires a little patience because the design of a piece of jewelry takes between 4 to 6 weeks. If you would like to know more about the process of creating our jewelry, we have a dedicated page on our site called jewelry design . So don't forget to allow for this lead time when you place your order. By the time you read this article, it may already be too late to receive your ODACE jewelry on time and have it under the tree on the big day!

A solution for latecomers: the affection card

Do not be afraid ! We have a solution: our affection card .

This is a pretty card customized by us and intended for your loved one, which can be given to them on the big day. It specifies that an ODACE jewel is currently being made in the workshop, and invites the lucky recipient of this gift to wait a few weeks until the jewel is ready! Our affection card testifies to the attention you have given to this present and the care with which our craftsmen make it. Thus, the Odac-ieuse will be able to wait with the promise of a joyful arrival.

Now is the time to choose the model you are going to give this Christmas! To make it easier for you, we offer you a list of 5 fabulous ODACE jewels that will only delight the person who discovers them under the tree.

We remind you that all our jewelry pieces are made from 18-carat recycled gold and enhanced with superb synthetic diamonds . For each piece of jewelry, you can choose between the three traditional gold colors: yellow, white or rose gold.

Let's start with a classic: the Les Discrètes earrings!

Our discreet chips are the perfect gift for someone who would like to have a timeless piece of jewelry that will never look out of place. Easy to wear, they will adapt to all your outfits, day or night, and for all occasions.

Each earring features a 0.20 carat prong-set lab-grown diamond.

These studs are delicate and can be worn in pairs, one on each ear, for a classic look. For Odac-ious women preferring a resolutely modern style and having several ear piercings, they can also be worn in pairs on the same lobe or individually on the second hole in the ear associated with another ODACE model.

Don't take any risks this Christmas and offer something timeless: the La Joyeuse necklace!

Our La joie necklace is the ideal gift for all lovers of sobriety and diamonds!

This jewel highlights this sparkling gem with 5 diamonds including a 0.20 carat pear-cut central stone. A superb 18-carat gold chain hangs them above your neckline and gently swings them as you move. How to resist him?

Let's continue with an essential in the jewelry box: Sensuelles rings!

If you were wondering which model to buy for a ring enthusiast, ODACE offers you two!

Both are designed with a gently undulating 18k gold structure that supports a stunning 0.20 carat pear-shaped diamond. The Sensuelle Dénudée has a very distinguished claw setting which will suit those who love delicate and fine jewelry. 

The Sensual Dressed sees her stone held in a closed setting. This setting is perfect for active women who don't mind wearing their jewelry in a hectic daily life.

And why not put the epitome of elegance under the Christmas tree: The La Singulière bracelet!

Are you desperately looking for a gift for a modern and refined woman? You have just found a piece of jewelry that is sure to delight her! This bracelet has a superb asymmetrical design: on one side a double chain with 2 sparkling diamonds and on the other, a single chain adorned with the same stone. It is a 0.20 carat pear-shaped diamond that connects each part of this unique piece of jewelry!

And let's finish with a touch of extravagance: The L'Ambitieuse earring!

Here is the dream jewelry for someone who loves originality in all subtlety! This earring features a beautiful 0.20 carat bezel-set pear-shaped diamond that seems to sit weightlessly under the ear. The gem is surrounded by an 18-carat gold ring to enhance the trompe-l'oeil and refined appearance of the jewel.

The Ambitieuse will only please!

For Christmas, make your own custom jewelry!

At ODACE, we also give you the opportunity to create the jewelry of your dreams!

As we make all our jewelry to order in French workshops, we can make special and tailor-made orders. So if you have a very specific idea in mind for a piece of jewelry that your loved one will like, don't wait any longer and write to us !

You now have every chance on your side to offer a gift that will only delight its recipient!

Don't forget that if you have questions, a project or simply need advice, you can contact us via our contact page , by email at or on our Instagram account . We will be happy to help you!

Do not hesitate to write to us once you have received the jewelry. We are always happy to have your feedback and to see you wearing our jewelry.